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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

Sacred Heart in Lakewood, NY/Our Lady of the Snows in Panama, NY Sacred Heart in Lakewood, NY/Our Lady of the Snows in Panama, NY


    Welcome to Mass! 

    All are welcome!

    We welcome Fr. Darrell Duffy to our area as our first Pastoral Administrator for our Family of Parishes. We look forward to working with Father Darrell as we move forward into the Renewal! God bless you and your ministry. Thank you to Fr. Todd Remick, Fr. Paul Cygan, and Fr. Don Watkins for all of your hard work and dedication!


    Rev Darrell Duffy Rev Paul Cygan Rev Don Watkins
    Pastor Parochial Vicar  Parochial Vicar 


    • From the Desk of Fr. Darrell.
      There have been many challenges which the churches in this area have faced during the
      last two years. COVID has resulted in too many of our brothers and sisters forming the habit of
      not coming to celebrate the Lord’s presence in the Eucharist. Additionally, the tragic loss of
      Pastors and retired clergy has created a feeling of uncertainty about the future. We have also
      had to face the reality of an aging population, with many of them returning to the Lord.

      For years, the Clergy have been spreading themselves thin trying to maintain all the
      usual mass times for each worship site. Fewer clergy are trying to handle all aspects of parish
      life while taking on the responsibility of more and more parishes. This unfortunately is not
      sustainable. We find ourselves faced with some hard decisions.

      Starting Monday, March 6th there will be a new weekday mass schedule.


      8am St James
      9am Sacred Heart
      12:10pm SSPP


      8am St Patrick
      9am Our Lady Loreto


      8am St. John
      7pm St James


      8am St. Patrick
      9am Our Lady Loreto
      5pm Our Lady Victory


      8am St James
      9am Sacred Heart
      12:10pm SSPP

      The time of Confessions will be moved back 15 minutes to allow the clergy appropriate
      time to get ready for Mass. Confessions will be Wednesday from 6pm to 6:30pm at St James,
      Saturday from 3pm to 3:30pm at St James, and 4:30pm to 5pm at Sacred Heart. They are also
      available by appointment as well.

      I am very hopeful about the future. Yes, there are many challenges, but we have been
      given this opportunity to evaluate where we currently are, and to put our energy into those
      areas which are important for the Faith to be strengthened in the present and the future. The
      Holy Spirit will guide us.
      God’s Blessings to you and your family,
      Fr. Darrell


      Stations of the Cross


      6:00 PM Our Lady of Loreto/Falconer

      8:30Am Our Lady of the Snows/Panama


      5:00 PM St. James/Jamestown

      5:30 PM Sacred Heart/Lakewood


      Penance Service

      March 27th, 7:00 PM St. John/Jamestown



    The mission of our Altar and Rosary Society is to serve our church through decorating and maintaining the altar, decorating the church for special holydays such as Easter and Christmas, having Masses said for deceased members of the parish, raising funds to support these activities, and providing fellowship through social events. We also start each of our monthly meetings by praying the rosary.  All women of the parish are invited to join our group – please consider it!


    Upcoming events are:

    Wednesday, April 12, at 6:30pm

    Thursday, May 11, at 6:30pm

    Thursday, June 8, at 6:00pm (Picnic - all women of the parish are invited)

    All events will take place in the Parish Center.

    Our Lady of the Snows Altar Rosary Society meets the second Tuesday of each month in the Church hall. Times vary depending on Daylight Savings.  6:00 during the winter months, 7:00 during other months. All ladies are welcome!

      Pray for peace in the world.

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    The Catholic Faithful, priests, deacons, religious, parish administrators and school leaders of the Diocese of Buffalo have embarked on a journey to reinvigorate Catholic faith, more fully optimize parish and diocesan resources, and increase the impact of our varied ministries throughout Western New York. Much as the disciples rediscovered the Lord and had their hope renewed while breaking bread together after walking with him on the long road to Emmaus, we are traveling together,  supporting one another, facing our challenges and opportunities together, and seek a renewed spirit of purpose and solidarity, united by our common faith in the One who makes all things new. It is important for parishioners to be aware of the Renewal work at hand. Visit for bi-weekly updates to keep up to date with the needs of our parishes.

    The first Sunday of each month is

    "Collection for the Needy"

      Thank you for helping the needy in our community.

    Please pray for the sick of our Parish.

      Pray for all the faithful departed, pray for Dick Damon,Rev. Dennis Mende, Michelle Johnson-Anderson, Rev. Andrzej Pietraszko, Fr. Stanislaw Czyz, Doris Cicchini, David Tyler, Irene Constantino, Victor Bankowski, Carlos Marrero, Betty Lapari, Msgr. Albert Clody, Christine Rieg, Charles Derby, Lynn Funte, Jennifer Uhl, Angie Hine, Dorothy Galati, Rev. William Barrett and all those who have died from COVID.

    • Rev. Darrell Duffy

      Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish


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       God Bless You!